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Extra Virgin Canola Oil

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Our High Quality Cold Pressed Canola Oil is made from 100% pure Canadian non-GMO Canola seed.  We use no preservatives or chemicals in our processing.  We offer a complete whole oil that keeps it’s natural colour, as well as distinct flavour and healthy antioxidant compounds.  

It keeps its natural colour , flavour and its antioxidant compounds, which are sometimes removed in conventional vegetable oil production.  This Cold Pressed Process results in canola oil that is healthier.

  • Rich in Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids
  • Higher Omega 3 content, extremely low saturated fat, next to none.
  • Includes Natural Vitamin E and Betacarotene.
  • Cold pressed and gravity filtered is the way nature intended it to be!
  • High smoke point of 420’f, 214’c
  • High in natural Chlorophyl

750ml Bottle

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