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Spring Ramps, they grow wild in different parts of Canada

Sold in 1/2 lb. 

Also known as wild onions or wild leeks, these fragrant members of the allium family are related to garlic and scallions, too.
Peppery and powerful raw, like a cross between garlic, scallion, and onion, they mellow with cooking. If you like your food aromatic with a bit of a (garlicky) kick, you’ll love ramps. Their pungent aroma and flavor make them a natural pairing with foods like potatoes and eggs, and if you’re not afraid of a peppery bite, wait ‘til you try ramp pesto in a steaming bowl of pasta or slathered over a veggie-filled pizza. They’re fantastic grilled and served alongside a juicy steak (maybe topped with some of that ramp pesto again!)
The plants consist of 2, sometimes 3, broad smooth leaves each on their own stem, a reddish pink stalk and a slender luminous white root end that sometimes forms a slight bulb. Other than the roots and the translucent covering around the bottom part of the stem, you can eat every part of the ramp. Trim off the roots, if attached, and peel off and discard the thin protective sheath around the base and wash thoroughly. Treat the bottom white and light pink part as you would garlic or onion. The leaves can be sautéed until just wilted or tossed in a food processor with some softened butter to make a flavorful topping for just about anything.
Ramps are best eaten as soon as possible, but they can be stored, unwashed, in the refrigerator for four days or so. The leaves wilt more quickly than the stalks and will last only two or three days, max, especially if detached from the rest of the plant. For longer-term storage, the root ends can be pickled (fabulous in tacos or sandwiches) or made into ramp butter and frozen for a month or two if well-wrapped.

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