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Honeycomb: Just as the bees make it. Besides being a beautiful and delicious treat the wax itself has many health benefits such as detoxifying the blood, moisturizing the skin and helps the digestive system. Produced from hives in Edmonton by Maple Greenview Honey.

Urban Honey by Maple Greenview Honey: We have chosen to place our hives into urban rather then Rural areas. Hives located in backyards and gardens in the city have access to a wider variety and higher quality of forage. This produces a honey that has enhanced health benefits, better flavor and a slower crystallization rate. Honey produced from local flowers also comes with additional benefits for allergies as it inoculates the immune system to the plants we are exposed to daily.

Most of the honey produced in Alberta is from Canola fields which is a genetically modified crop that is treated with various herbicides. Canola honey also has one of the fasting crystallization rates of any honey which means that it must be pasteurized to increase the shelf life. Pasteurization destroys most of the health benefits commonly associated to honey.


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